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Preconstruction Services from The Conlan Company

Preconstruction Services

The key to successfully providing accurate and reliable budgeting on any project relies on two key components, understanding the project scope and combining that understanding with a preconstruction team (contractor / subcontractors) who are experienced in the product. At Conlan we offer a preconstruction leadership team that has the experience in the estimating and management to make your project successful. Conlan does not have a separate estimating and project management department. We believe our clients are best served by project managers who also estimate. We also firmly believe that our seasoned superintendents have an important role to play in the preconstruction process and we involve them to the degree practical and possible. With that experience involved in the preconstruction process, every decision that is made during the estimating and design phases is tempered with the building process in mind. We believe all successful estimating has as its foundation strong field construction experience. An added benefit is a smooth transition from the preconstruction to construction phase of the project because the estimating and management team members are consistent through that transition.

  • Budget Development
  • Quality Control
  • Site Studies and Evaluations
  • Subcontractor Prequalification and Solicitation
  • Manage M.E.P. Design Process
  • Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Permit Assistance